Using state-of-the-art NLP to read more news, faster

I have the need, the need to summarize articles
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Using ml-classify-text-js + Google Apps Script / Excel Add-ins

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This is Hugo, our Machine Learning mascot in Concur Labs. Created by the talented Jessica Park. Hugo is also available as an iMessage sticker pack, courtesy of Chris Trudeau

From left: Lance Hughes, Josh Nguyen (Hipmunk), Matthew Lemmone (Hipmunk), Amanda Casari, Richard Puckett, Jessica Park, Christopher Trudeau, John Dietz.

Filipino dish FTW! Picture courtesy of

How to find a good hackathon fit

Is this hackathon for you?

Chris Ismael

SAP Concur Data Science ML Engineer + Evangelist, Musician, Dad. Tech Enthusiast in San Francisco. (Opinions are my own)

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